Postpartum Pantry Basket

Food is medicine and it is so important in the healing process. I've combined my passion for cooking with my knowledge of what the postpartum body requires in hopes to make life easier, by helping life givers feed themselves. Food is a great way to provide support and it has significant benefits to the new parent and how they feel and heal but also their energy and ability to cope with this transition. My baskets focus on feeding the birther by providing healthy nutrient rich snacks and meals to help replenish the body after birth. I like to provide elements of warmth, whole and colorful foods, foods that are easy to digest, protein, fiber rich and good fat foods in my baskets. These are all essential components along with hydration to help with physical and emotional recovery, while supporting the demands of your body to create milk and feed your little one.  My postpartum baskets make wonderful gifts and can be purchased by family, friends, expecting and new parents and even other doulas.